What now? Removal and Mediation - What are you talking about?


Removal focuses on the basics - securing the scene and removing potential hazardous materials. Broken glass, contaminated carpets, subflooring or walls, and general "trash" in cases of extreme hoarding.


Normal household cleaning products, while having "disinfectant properties" don't do the job with biohazard contamination. Biological agents such as blood, mucous, fecal matter and vomit can trasmit infectious diseases long after they are dry. We remove EVERYTHING  we can, and disinfect EVERYTHING we can't with professional cleaning products. Our teams are trained in proper disposal techniques with a focus on doing the job right instead of doing the job fast

What do we do?

We're here to keep you safe. At Arizona Blood Bath and Beyond, we DON'T do water or fire restorations, we focus ONLY on Biological cleanup. 

If you don't know,call us first and we will help you through your situation. We cleanup the mess that normal soap can't!

We service both the public and law enforcement sectors, and we're here to make your environment safe again. 

  • Biohazard Cleanup of Vehicles, Homes, Apartments, and property

  • Potentially hazardous debris in hoarding situation

  • Bloodborne and gastrointestinal  virus sanitation

About Us

We're Local

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, we have the means to service sites across the Southwest including Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, Nevada and Southern Utah

We Do It Right

Our mobile fleet can respond in hours, not days, and our technicians are all professionally trained and certified in Biohazard Cleanup

We Care

We understand the difficulty of these situations and are here to help throughout the process

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