Crime Scene Cleanup in Phoenix, AZ

After the police are finished at a crime scene, the area often needs cleaning and restoration before it can be used normally again. Many crime scenes have biohazardous contaminants or broken objects that can cause health risks or injury. That’s why Arizona Blood, Bath and Beyond specializes in crime scene cleanup in the Phoenix, AZ, area.

Rather than perform typical fire or water restorations, we focus only on biological and crime scene cleanup. We work with both the public and law enforcement to make sure your environment is safe.

Stay Safe With Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scenes can be hazardous even after the crime is long over. Broken glass, blood, mucus, and vomit can cause hazards afterward. Biological substances can cause diseases even when dried, and these elements often can’t be cleaned up with soap or other traditional cleaning processes. We use special chemicals and equipment to clean and disinfect the entire area.

Our job is to get the area back to how it was before the incident happened with as little indication of the event as possible. We’ll make the area safe to be used again with our special equipment, attention to detail, and thorough cleaning methods.

We understand that these situations are difficult and emotional. Our team will help you throughout the process and treat everyone involved with the respect needed in these trying circumstances.

Contact Us

When you need someone to do crime scene cleanup, contact our team at Arizona Blood, Bath and Beyond for help. Although we’re based in Phoenix, AZ, we service a large portion of the Southwest, including Arizona, West Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and Southern Utah. Our certified technicians can respond in hours to clean up the area as quickly as possible. Call us at (877) 942-4343 to learn more or get immediate services.